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My passion is work that grows ecosystems and community. I’m a dedicated open source developer, and enjoy working with excellent humans who dare to dream more positive futures into reality.
I bring a great mix of excellent people skills and technical wizardry.


The skills I offer are intimately linked with the projects I’ve chosen to work on.
A lot of these are a little off the beaten track, so you can expect me to have performed many roles. I’m usually working on/ with more than one project at a time.

Here’s an overview of the projects that have been most important to me and why.

Scuttlebutt December 2015 - ongoing

Decentralisation gives birth to an open platform that lives without servers and internet, and already offers the best of facebook, goodreads, meetup, github, (and more). The database is p2p, and the interface is designed for community instead of capitalism. Has a passionate community of hundreds of peers from across the world.

To grow an open internet that’s free, highly collaborative, and resiliant to disasters (environmental, economic, political).

I’m a core member: growing community, supporting developers, and advising on grant processes. I develop and maintain one of the client apps that runs on Scuttlebutt called Patchbay using NodeJS, electron, mutant.


Protozoa May 2017 - ongoing

A worker-owned tech coopertive. Protozoa works with co-ops locally and internationally to share best practice and deliver contracts together.

I want to work with excellent people on excellent projects, while experimenting with local basic income.

We do business process and problem analysis, host agile retrospectives, teach (devs and non-devs), hardware design, and programming (firmware, software).


CivicDinners May - July 2017

A platform for booking potluck dinners with conversations about society.

I believe helping people talk about challenging topics, in small groups, over food, is an excellent way to build stronger empathy, and hopefully healthier communities.

The pilot - Kai & Korero - was an exciting collaboration with Action Station to grow public political discourse leading up to the 2017 election.

Development inReact, Redux and Rails


Accredited Employer - Immigration NZ Oct 2015 - Nov 2015

A generalised form designed to be modifiable, and make government processes more accessible to businesses. Part of the R9 accelerator, a partnership between MBIE, Immigration NZ, and the startup space.

Champion open-source, and iterative practice in government context

Development with Choo (a new js framework), budo, tape
Agile coaching and support of Ministry team members.


Enspiral Dev Academy Nov 2015 - Apirl 2017

An 18 week bootcamp offering an alternative to tertiary Comp Sci.

Reshape the NZ tech industry by formally training junior wizards in the art of self-iteration and communication concurrently with a technical skills.

Javascript teacher. Development and delivery of curriculum for a comprehensive bootcamp (fullstack: NodeJS, Express, React+Redux, Postrgres).
Custom workshops, group facilitation, individual mentoring (providing support in a context of extreme challeoyers-work-to-residencehttps://devaccz**a)

POC21 September-October 2015

A hackathon building open-source green tech to combat climate change. 6 weeks in a castle outside Paris, hosting hackers from around the world.

Build connection with the value-aligned OuiShare network, and support awesome teams to work more effectively together.

Supporting the organisers (through facilitation and distribution of responsibility), community facilitation, growing shared community practice and process.


Cobudget May 2014 - Jan 2015

A collaborative fund allocation tool for communities.

Help groups learn about themselves, fund exciting projects together, and increase financial literacy.

Open source contributor,
Development in Rails,
Technical Support


Loomio Jan 2013 - 2015

An open source tool for collaborative decision-making.

Support groups around the world to work more effectively.

Development with Rails, JS, Cucumber, Rspec, Selenium,
QA + User Testing,
Translation/Localisation lead


Varous Other contracts

Spanner Planner 2014 - Jan 2015

Automation tool for auto mechanics.

Development with Rails, Backbone JS, Cucumber + Rspec,
Manager (Development Team)


WebPunch Jan 2015 - Sept 2015

Company reputation assessment as a service.

Development with Rails, Cucumber + Rspec


Ao Tawhiti 2008 - 2012

An new model of state school where students direct their own study and teachers serve as learning advisors.

Invest in education which empowers learning, and grows empathetic, socially aware humans

Head of Statistics & Physics,
Pastoral Care,
Tertiary CompSci. Support - Python


Formal Education

Massey Fine Arts 2012

Broaden my thinking and communication, explore skills I’ve not had a chance to stretch

Student of: Humanities, Procedural Design, Drawing, Painting
Tools: Watercolor, Python, Laser cutter, Illustrator, 3Ds Max, Pepakura

University of Otago 2002 - 2007

BSc (hons.) Mathematics

Learn about and appreciate the patterns that make up people, and the beauty of the patterns we’ve dreamt up.

Minors in Physics, Neuroscience,
Teaching & Research Assistant,
Tools: Matlab, Mathematica, Maple

PostGrad Dip Secondary Teaching

Explore my passion and skill for making ideas accessible, and working with people

Summary of Skills & Tools





Online/offline community hosting







Process & Design tools